Saturday, June 4, 2011

Watch Me Grow

Today was Molly's first acrobat recital!! I was so proud! She did really well and had a great time. What a wonderful day!

Of course, that meant we didn't have a chance for any MOMS Camp activities, but Molly was really proud to show off what we had done earlier in the week to her dad today! My husband had been out of town all week and flew in just in time for her recital. He was able to keep up with me and the kids while he was gone by reading this blog (cool!) and he knew all the right questions to ask.

This evening we did still read our special library books at bedtime. Here's two that I checked out for "fun" but one of them ended up being a wonderful lesson. "Oswald's Garden" by Heather Feldman is just simple to read and a cute story. The really good lesson, however, came from "Watch Me Grow! Blue Plants a Seed" by Lauryn Silverhardt, featuring Blues Clues. The wonderful lesson is that seeds take time to grow! I loved reading this one at the beginning of the week to instill some patience into my little gardener.

Finally, here are the links to two articles I've written with instructions and ideas (many NOT in my blog!) for making your own Garden-themed MOMS Camp week:

Thanks for looking!!

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