Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just Peachy!

First thing's first: photos of the kids shopping for flowers and then of Molly planting the flowers on Monday:

Now about today, which was such a busy day! We started off with a bang at a free Funky Mama concert at Matt Ross Community Center. I found out about it from KCParents magazine, which I picked up for free at the Library just yesterday.

Since we were already in down town Overland Park, we headed right over to the Farmer's Market for a look-see. Molly was surprisingly excited to see all the produce and to pick something out. We were given free peaches to try, which she insisted on getting. As of bedtime, Molly has eaten (or partially eaten) four peaches and zero chips or junk food. How's that for healthy eating!?

Near the Farmer's Market, there was a small orchestra playing music, and a few vendors selling food (which we skipped) so it was a pretty festive atmosphere. There was even a small in-ground fountain I didn't know about that the kids got to splash around in. On our walk back to the car, Molly picked out zucchini which she insisted we have for lunch right away. Her first pick was spinach, but everyone was sold out. I think we'll be frequenting the Farmer's Market all summer now!

During Ben's nap time, Molly and I adjusted a craft project I had found online. It was supposed to involve painting a t-shirt, but I opted for making note cards instead so we could use supplies we already had. The design stayed the same though: we made flowers using only finger prints! We used finger paints which is always a favorite of Molly's because it's so messy. I was pleased to see her actually following directions at first, though she did create a rainbow colored flower instead of a solid one. After a bit she got really creative and made silly designs, but it was so cute how she explained to me how to do it, just as I had explained to her how to make the flowers!

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