Monday, June 13, 2011

Show Me Your Smile!

Today began my new theme for MOMS Camp: A Healthier You! A week of doctors, healthy eating, and exercise. (I hope this sounds fun to your kids... lol)

Molly had her first dentist appointment today!! She did so great! We had been reading Show Me Your Smile!: A Visit to the Dentist by Christine Ricci which is such a good book. It's about Dora going to the dentist and it's really right on. Molly was impressed that everything was just like her book. She held her mouth open so good but was pretty shy around the dentist, who was a boy. If you want to know which pediatric dentist we went to and my opinion of them, just ask! I don't feel comfortable "reviewing" them here.

I had ordered a little dental "goody bag" from Oriental Trading for Molly, so she got a few surprises. It included a mini rubber duck holding a toothbrush, a tooth necklace, stickers, a pencil topper, and a sticker activity where she filled a mouth with smiling teeth. Here's a link for it, on sale for a buck!

Also, last week I made a little chart for Molly so she can earn a new "patch" at the end of each week. It's just paper and stamps, but we had a fun time making it one evening together. I might even make some kind of memory book or scrap book and this would be a good first page to that. Maybe just a notebook. We'll see..


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