Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Last "Princess Day"

Today was our final day of our A Royal Summer Week. Molly was even asking if it was a "princess day." It's been a fun week and I had one last craft: decorating a jewelry box.

I got a small jewelry box on sale at Michaels for Molly to decorate with some stickers and rhinestones. We'll use this to store all her special jewels from this week, along with her regular jewelry. She loves anything with glue and stickers so she really enjoyed this project.

Later we played with water balloons (all pink, of course) and went swimming. At least Molly wore her princess swim suit! She also picked out princess slippers from the Dollar Tree this morning... not every day can be a planned outing!

A few smaller things we did throughout the week were to play with her Disney Princess dolls, watch The Princess and the Frog, and ate Disney Princess Campbell's soup for lunch one day. Other ideas I had but never got around to (basically because the weather was beautiful and we opted to be outside instead!) was to have a tea party; hold a dress-up relay race; and make edible bracelets with licorice ropes and hoop cereal like Apple Jacks. We never got around to the grocery store so we'll save that idea for another day!

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