Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Princess Puppets

Yesterday was beautiful so we ended up at the zoo with friends, but we still found time for a princess craft and activity during Ben's nap. We made princess puppets using templates I printed off from the internet here:

I colored most of them per Molly's request, but she did a few, mostly in pink! Then she got behind her pink arm chair and put on a puppet show for me!

Later we got a chance for sidewalk chalk and I drew a huge princess on our driveway. Molly (4) drew her a prince and then together we drew a really big crown filled with jewels! Then I used the chalk to draw various shapes that a jewel might be carved into and had Molly tell me the name of each shape. I started off easy with a circle and square, then moved to diamonds, pentagons, and octagons. We talked about how precious gems start out rough, like rocks, then get polished smooth and cut into these shapes. Finally, she drew some shapes for me to guess, including an oval and my personal favorite, a unicorn shape! Things got a little silly after that....

By bedtime we were calm again and reading another great princess book, Princess and Fairy by Anna Pignataro. This book took a while to get through, but it was really sweet and fun. The artwork is very whimsical and pretty, and on most pages you are searching for two or three items on their "shopping list", including a ring, a purse, and a Leprechaun's belt buckle!

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