Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Royal Summer

Yesterday began a new theme for my MOMS Camp! "A Royal Summer": a week of princesses, princes, and jewels. If it's a little too girlie for your taste, I'll try to include some knightly activities too! My daughter(4) enjoys dressing up as a knight just as much as being a princess.

We started the morning with a princess's breakfast: pink scrambled eggs and diamond toast. I simply cut the toast into diamonds and sprinkled on cinnamon and sugar to make it sparkle.

Two books I've checked out from the library for this week include The Princess Knight by Cornelia Caroline Funke and The Princess and the Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury. They are both equally fantastic stories with wonderful morals. The latter has beautiful artwork!

We spent our usual quiet time during Ben's nap outside in the pool so we didn't get around to a craft yesterday, but we did get a chance to watch a new DVD I checked out from the library: Franny's Feet: Princess Franny! This was a very cute collection of episodes of Franny's Feet, which I'd never heard of before but am so glad I discovered. The basis of it is a little girl whose grandfather works in a shoe repair shop and with every new pair of shoes she tries on, she imagines a new story and learns a new lesson (usually manners of some sort). Molly really enjoyed it and we actually watched the whole thing about 2.5 times!

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