Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rainforest Adventure

Today was our last day for How Does Your Garden Grow. I was hoping to plant the rest of our flowers, but instead we hit the pool for the third time this week. It's been so hot; at least we've kept up with our indoor plants this week.

Molly and I planted some "helicopter seeds" (from a maple tree) in clear plastic cups earlier. We filled the cups with paper towels and slid the seeds between that and the cup so we can see the roots. We also have a small planter that looks like a broken egg shell with a smiley face on it, filled with grass seed so when it grows it looks like hair! Molly gets very excited when she can tell it's grown taller.

As a grand finale for our garden week, all four of us went to Crown Center today to check out the Rainforest Adventure exhibit. In the past, their temporary exhibits have been really great, but this one seemed to be geared more towards school-age kids. We found plenty to do though! Here's a couple pictures of Molly and Ben enjoying the exhibit, and the website for information:

Another idea in the KC area for a garden-themed MOMS week that we didn't get to do is visit Powell Gardens. They have dinosaurs set up throughout the gardens for the summer and lots of paths and bridges for walks. Check out their website for more information just in case!

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