Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fruity Fruit Salad

Keeping up with my healthy theme this week, we focused a little on healthy food choices today. We started off with "fruity fruit salad"... you know that song from Nick Jr? Molly enjoyed picking out the different fruits to include and singing the song. She even chose lemons, which she actually likes!

Later, Molly and I talked about healthy drinks to choose. I set out several options on the table, including milk, water, Coke, apple juice and 7-up and had her choose the healthy ones. She picked out all the right drinks with no problem.

After the little "lesson", we used three different kinds of water bottles as "stamps" to paint with! My favorite, though, was the 7-up bottle we used. This was an idea I got from an old Family Fun Magazine. Start with a different paper plate for each color of paint. Spread the paint really thin on each plate and dip the bottom of your water bottle in it. Use it like a stamp and it looks like a flower! Add a fingerprint dot in the middle and your garden is complete. We practiced on paper, but then decorated a small fabric bag for her ($1 for three at Target right now) and a reusable fabric grocery bag for me. I used acrylic paint because it works on so many surfaces.

Possible plans for later this week include Bump City ($5 open play at Emerald City Gymnastics) on Friday from 11-12 and maybe blue berry picking on Saturday morning at The Berry Patch in Missouri. Let me know if you're interested in joining us!

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