Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg-Shaped Easter Puzzles

Today we made egg-shaped Easter puzzles! Our project had two parts - first we made them, then we got to play with them!

The other day I was cleaning out our craft drawers and ended up with several pieces of thin cardboard (like what's on the back of a pad of paper!). I decided to hold on to them to reuse them and came up with the idea to make little puzzles!

I flipped through an Easter coloring book and cut out several images in the shape of an Easter egg. I was so happy to even find a picture of an Easter egg to use! Molly (5) used a glue stick to attach the pictures to our cardboard and I cut them out.

She and Ben (2) each got to color a few... and Molly insisted I color the rest (wahoo!).


When all the eggs were colored, I cut them each into a few pieces with jagged edges to look like cracked egg shells. I made Ben's easy and only did two pieces for him, but Molly's had three or more apiece.  She also cut one of her own!

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*Colleen said...

Cute ideas for easter Sara!