Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sew Easy Fleece Hat!

My daughter, Molly (4), has really been interested in sewing lately so I found a great project for her and I to work on! We made a really easy and cute fleece hat! This was actually from a pattern I bought several years ago but I made this one by memory. Here it goes!

First, cut out two pieces of fleece in kind of a "bunny ear" shape, pictured below. The dimensions are about 9" wide at the bottom, and 14" tall. They should each be the same, and totally symmetrical from one side to the other. Be sure you find the front of the fleece - the design on it will be brightest on the front.

Put both pieces together, with the fronts touching. Use straight pins to hold them together if your child is old enough to be careful... of course surely if your child is old enough to use your sewing machine then they are also old enough for straight pins! haha!

Next, use a straight stitch on your sewing machine to sew your fleece pieces together... but don't sew the bottom closed! For this part, Molly sat on my lap and I held the fabric while she pressed down on the foot petal. I had raised it up on a box so she could reach it easily.

When you're done sewing around the edges, fold the bottom up a few inches, all the way around, pictured above. Remember - you're still working with it inside out! Now sew all around that edge. *Be careful to fold down the seams as you sew over them so there won't be any bumps! (pictured below)

Finally, turn your hat right side out. The last step is to tie each bunny ear into a knot. Now hope for warmer weather than we are having and enjoy your new fleece hat!!

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Melissa O said...

That is sooo cute! What a fun idea!