Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Cake Handprint

I have one final birthday project to blog about and then I promise I'll move on to something else! I found this cute idea on Pinterest to make a birthday cake out of your child's hand print! I'm not sure if it will work after age five, but at least it will be cute until your child's 6th birthday. That, and I'm a sucker for making things out of handprints!!

Carefully color your child's palm with the first color of paint. We just used finger paints since they're washable and afterwards Molly (5) and Ben (2) got free rein to paint however they wanted. Next, color only a finger per year of your child's age. ie Ben just turned two so I only colored two of his fingers with paint! I liked using a different color for each finger... aka "candle!"

Now have your child spread out their fingers and place their hand flat on the paper. What shows up is a cute little birthday cake with the correct number of candles! Add orange or yellow flames to the tips of your candles and glitter or painted decoration to your birthday cake if desired. I labeled each of my kid's picture with their name and age. These will be so fun to display at each birthday!

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