Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easy Homemade Easter Decorations

The first activity in our Countdown to Easter today was to decorate. We finally took down our St. Patrick's Day ornaments from our holiday tree and made it an Easter tree! I also like to put decorations in our big living room windows so I came up with a fun project using construction paper and bleach!

First I cut out several large egg shapes from different colored construction paper.  I poured a small amount of bleach in a little cup and laid out plenty of paper towels! After covering Molly (5) in one of my old t-shirts for protection and cautioning her of the lasting effects of bleach, I let her "paint" on the paper eggs with the bleach using a cotton swab! As the bleach dries, it takes away the color of the paper and leaves behind your design!

Molly really loved this project - we made 20 eggs to tape in our windows! Green paper actually showed up the best and turned a great yellow with the bleach. If you use more bleach and it soaks all the way through the paper, it looks really neat in a window because the light will shine right through it!

Meanwhile, Ben (2), also got to "paint" some paper eggs... only his cup just had water in it. (wink!)

Another fun decoration we made was an Easter garland! I found this idea online here on a neat blog I stumbled upon. It is so simple and fun to make: just snap several plastic Easter eggs onto some yarn or string and hang it up!

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