Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

I found this super cute and easy craft idea on Pinterest! Molly (5) was able to put together this fun Easter bunny in just a few minutes and it makes such a cute decoration. 

First I had her draw a circle with pink marker in the middle of a paper plate, and color it in. When she was finished, I drew a thin line with pencil down the middle so she could cut the paper plate in half. This was a good review of the circle shape and the dome, or half circle, shape.

Next, I let her glue on two cotton balls for the bunny's face on a second plain white paper plate.  She glued on a pink craft pom pom for it's nose, then drew on the eyes and mouth. I simply stapled the first paper plate on to be the ears and we were done!

I love quick crafts like these because it was so easy to set up and clean up! We just had a few minutes before Ben (2) woke up from his nap so it was nice to have a chance to do something special with my daughter in that short time!

Later, I must note, she colored her bunny with purple fur!

Click Here for the original craft post I found on Pinterest!

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