Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Quick and Easy Fun Food Ideas

Sorry it's a day late, but here are a couple more ideas for St. Patrick's Day! We started our day off with green, shamrock-shaped chocolate chip pancakes. I just added green food coloring to our regular batter and poured it in groups of three circles, with a little stem. Some of them were just regular circles too. We never eat plain pancakes - they MUST have chocolate chips in them and I'm a little particular about my chip to bite ratio, so I individually place 5 to 7 morsels per pancake as they cook. If you stir them straight into the batter, there's less likely to be one in every single bite! And there's my friendly, kinda over the top pancake tip. :O)

At lunchtime, Molly (5) reminded me about some lime green Halloween mashed potato snakes I made for dinner one night, and she told me I "had" to make them today! I can't believe she remembered! That just goes to show you that is is definitely worth it to do a little something special for your kids! Here is a link to my old blog about the snakes:

Meanwhile, I made some instant mashed potatoes a darker green this time and served shamrock mashed potatoes for lunch! I used a plastic baggie with a corner cut off to pipe the mashed potatoes onto our plates. Just be sure to use oven mitts if the potatoes are still too hot to handle!

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