Sunday, July 17, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!

Since I've been so busy working on marching band field shows, and it's been so incredibly hot outside, we've taken a few days off of MOMS Camp just to stay cool inside and go to the neighborhood pool. When I realized that Molly (4) begins swimming lessons tomorrow and we'd been in the water so much any way, I decided we should just claim this water week!! So, my newest week of MOMS Camp is "Water, Water Everywhere!" It's been super easy to claim our everyday summer fun as special activities. ;O)

For example, swimming at the neighborhood pool. One game we play is to pretend I'm Molly's swim teacher and I have her try different things, like hopping on one foot, "monkey crawling" along the edge, and swimming to a certain point and back. We also took some small toys we hadn't brought with us before and tested them to see if they would float or sink. Ben's (1) favorite experiment in the pool is pouring water from a toy watering can.

One day we got together with a friend to play with our giant inflatable water slide! I found it this spring at a garage sale for only $10 and it was so worth it! The kids had a great time and it was just special enough to seem like were were further than just the front yard. Molly (4) had fun with her friend coming up with new ways to slide down and Ben (1) mainly enjoyed watching, but also got to splash in his own little kiddie pool.

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