Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunny Skies

A beautiful sunny morning was the perfect thing to wake up to on our next day of my MOMS Camp week about the sky. We started focusing on the SUN! Right off the bat, I served a sunny breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, shaped like what else? The sun! I actually added three or four drops of yellow food coloring to the eggs to make them extra bright.

For our craft project today, I had Molly (4) decorate a foam visor. You can find them in many colors for just a dollar at Michaels or other craft store. I actually found a white one with designs on it (like a sunshine and peace sign) to color for a couple bucks at Michaels. Molly ended up wearing it out and about all day!

We also went roller skating on a tennis court and took turns making fun shadows in the sun. I had Molly look at different shadows, like the one made by the tennis court net and a sheer piece of fabric. (For those of you that know me, it was a flag silk!)

Finally, for dinner we had some corn on the cob sunshine: just pieces of corn I cut into about 1 inch deep circles. (You can also serve them on kabob sticks as flowers.)

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