Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great Big Sky

We started a new theme for MOMS Camp on Wednesday this week called "The Great Big Sky," a week about clouds, rainbows, sunshine, and stars! I hope to spend a couple days on each subject and teach a little science along the way. First up is clouds, because when we woke up on Wednesday, it was a cloudy day!

Our craft project for today was a big hit for Molly: using plain ol' glue and cotton balls to make clouds on construction paper. She did three complete pages and it kept her busy for quite a while!

Right before dinner it started to clear up so we headed out to a playground just for the fun of it. We climbed to the very top of the structure to look up at the clouds and find shapes in them. When Molly was smaller, she liked to lay flat on her back on our driveway and watch the clouds. Mostly she sees dragons and dogs!

I checked out several DVD's from the library, just by searching the phrases "sky", "stars", "rainbow", etc. One that I found was "It's a Big Big World: The Sky Above". It features some rain forest puppets and Molly enjoyed it but I thought it was a little boring and wasn't quite the lesson I expected. Then, at bedtime we read a book called Clouds by Marion Dane Bauer which was quite informative and scientific!

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