Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glitter "Globes"

Our MOMS Camp week all about water has been a blast, and perfect timing for the hottest week of the year! Molly (4) has continued her swimming lessons and every afternoon we play at our neighborhood pool. Each day we pick out more toys to bring with us and experiment with in the water, seeing what can float or what sinks.

Watering the plants out front has been a nice quick activity for us, as well as dropping ice cubes in the cats' water dish! I let Molly get special "gems" to go in her fish tank, since that has to do with water, too. We talked about how living things need water to survive, and that it's the best choice when you're thirsty. We had a bottle of water to drink, which led into our craft for the day: "glitter globes"!

I found this idea in a Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine back when Molly was in preschool last spring and saved it. The article suggested baby bottles, but we used water bottles since Ben (1) uses bottles with liners. First, fill the bottle 2/3 with water and 1/3 with vegetable oil. Add a few drops of food coloring - we chose yellow and (surprise!) pink. Then pour in a couple tablespoons of glitter and small sequins. Seal the lid by putting a bit of glue on it before twisting it closed. The foil glitter we used didn't turn out so pretty, but the tiny beads we put in were the best! This was such a quick and easy activity, and Molly and Ben both enjoy shaking them.

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sara said...

Yes, and on Wednesday you discovered that your friend Matthew ai ai...:) Had a great time with you this week!