Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One Final Day of Travel Week

Since we were so busy with family and wedding festivities, then the Fourth of July, I've decided to stretch my Are We There Yet? week until today. My next weeks can either end early or just have a new start day, whichever happens is fine by me! Yet another beauty of my MOMS Camp: no rules to follow and no schedule to keep!

A couple books I'd requested from the library didn't come in before we left for our trip so we picked those up today. Two cute books we liked were: Miss Spider's New Car by David Kirk and Road Trip by Roger Eschbacher. Two books that have some pretty decent travel game ideas are: 50 Nifty Super Travel Games and 50 Nifty More Super Travel Games by Kevin and Joan Taylor and K.D. Kuch respectively. Most ideas in these books are really for school-age children, but there's a few ideas I could have used on our trip!

This afternoon we made really fun stop light cookies called Traffic Jams that I found in a Parents Magazine. I was so pleased when I found the apple jelly we needed at Walmart because I wasn't expecting it to be so easy to find. They came out really well and were fun for Molly (4) to make every step of the way. When it came time to dye the jelly, we mixed blue and yellow food coloring to make green so that was a fun lesson. As the cookies cooled, we reviewed what the red, yellow, and green lights stood for. Then we enjoyed them!

Here is the link to find the recipe to these cookies:


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