Tuesday, July 12, 2011


As a fun finale to our Great Big Sky week, I took Molly (4) and Ben (1) to the planetarium at Union Station in Kansas City. They have a kids show that runs twice a day with Big Bird called something like One Big World, One Big Sky. It only lasted about 30 minutes, but that was enough time for Ben to sit still. Predictably it took some bribery to get him to stay in my lap (a bottle, a sucker, some Nilla wafers...) but Molly loved it! There were a few times when the scene appeared to lower down so we could get a close-up view of the sky and Molly would turn to me with the best wonder on her face and ask "Did we just go up??"

Overall the show was pretty neat - it revolved around a new puppet friend from China and they discover that the sky is the same in either country. There was also a neat scene "on the moon" that taught about the differences in gravity and air, but was done so well for little ones! I really wish it had touched a bit more on constellations besides just the big dipper though, since that's what I personally am focusing on for MOMS Camp.

We also had a good time with friends exploring the roller coaster models and huge model train room at Union Station. If you ever went to World of Fun in the 80's, you'll appreciate seeing your old favorite roller coasters! ;O) We had lunch at Fritz's, where a train brings you your food, which was a great choice for my very noisy (albeit happy) one-year-old. Not everything has to revolve around a weekly theme!


sara said...

My kids LOVE Fritz's!

Salena said...

We had such a great time! Thanks for letting us join you.