Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Themed Reading List

A special part of MOMS Camp is finding books and movies about our theme at the public library! Part of that is the visit to the library and the walk there. Part of it is having new books to read at bed time! Here's a few titles for this week's theme of Summer Sunshine!

 "Kitten's Summer" by Eugenie Fernandes is cute and fun to read. It's fun to find the kitten on each page; not to mention the beautiful artwork! It's so interesting - pictures made of clay and other mediums.

"One Summer Day" by Kim Lewis also has beautiful illustrations. The way she draws the little boy is so lifelike and true to the way a toddler moves! Anyway, this is a fun story to read my with son, Ben (2), because it's all about a little boy his age and what he does on one summer day.

"Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink" by Victoria Kann is a cute one to read with my daughter, Molly (5). It's especially meaningful since lemonade has become our official drink of the summer... considering Ben can say it perfectly and asks for it throughout the day!

Finally, "Bear Shadow" by Frank Asch is a great one to read when you start discussing how the sunshine makes shadows!

These are only a few of the books we've been reading and they're all great... "but you don't have to take my word for it!" (Please, someone tell me you know what that's from and that I'm not such a dork afterall! hahaha

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