Saturday, May 12, 2012

Foot Print Butterflies for Mothers Day

I guess I can't really help my own kids make a gift for Mother's Day, but I can help the babies I nanny make one or their mom! They are only 6 months old, after all...

I love making things with little hand prints and foot prints... especially with babies so I found a really cute idea on Pinterest to try! Use foot prints to make butterfly wings! I used Crayola washable finger paint to coat their feet so it washed off really easily.  Be sure to make the prints close to each other and ON OPPOSITE SIDES! Also make two dots using their thumbs above the foot prints; these will be the antenna. Once the paint is dry, draw in the butterfly's body and antenna with a marker.

This is such a cute project and such a good keepsake of their little foot prints! Not to mention, foot prints are much easier to make than a baby's hand print since they always ball them into fists!

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*Colleen said...

Sara, this is so funny because I did the SAME thing for the family I nanny for EXCEPT I put the prints on a nice piece of scrapbook paper and drew in the butterflies... Its so cute to see how HUGE Gages feet are to 2 month old Hogan! Then I types "Mommy's Little Butterflies" at the bottom.... Also I'm gonna add a picture of the two of them at this age together! And I framed it for their mom! =)
Great minds think alike! =)