Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paper Plate Sunshine Project

I love making projects with paper plates! Sometimes Molly (5) just likes to color on them. Ben (2) likes to stack them. Here is a super fast and easy summer project to make with your kids using - what else - paper plates!

Color a paper plate yellow (or use a yellow party one, like we did). Cut out several 1 inch by 6 inch strips of yellow construction paper. This could be good practice for your child to use their scissors... or you could use those fun scissors that cut neat shapes like zig zags... or you could just use a paper cutter and bust 'em out real quick like I did.

Glue several strips to the back of the paper plate to make the rays and have your child draw a smiley face on the front. Molly drew a small face (pictured) for Ben's since he's too little draw his own smiley face. She said it was so little because he's the LITTLE BROTHER!

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