Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kid Of The Day

This past week we started naming a "Kid Of The Day" and it's been a big hit! I came across this idea in the May 2012 issue of Family Fun Magazine, in an article by Becky Hayes.  I have tweaked the original idea a bit to better fit my kids' ages and our family's needs.  Here's how it works:

Every other day, one of my kids gets to be the Kid Of The Day! This means they get to pick what we watch on tv; whether we play inside or outside; what we eat for a snack; and other little decisions throughout the day.  They get to be my helper, like getting the mail with me and helping to prepare meals.  It's also a great way to solve simple arguments: like the Kid Of The Day might get the last red popsicle, or they might be the one to sit on my lap when we read books! Most importantly, the Kid Of The Day gets special one-on-one time with me!

To help us remember who is the Kid Of The Day, I made a little sign for our refrigerator.  Molly (5) loves being in charge of switching it each day.  She's really into the whole thing! She even wakes up in the morning and the first thing she talks about is who is the Kid Of The Day!

Anyway... I made the sign out of two mattes from some frames I got. Of course you can just cut your own but I happened to have some so it was easy! I used scrapbook paper and photos to complete each side and taped a loop of ribbon on the back of one for hanging. Finally I glued the two signs together to create a double-sided Kid Of The Day fridge frame!

Molly (5) loves being the Kid Of The Day. Her little brother, Ben (2), may not quite understand the concept yet, but he loves the extra attention on his days! I love the fairness of giving each of my kids a special chance to make decisions and have individual time with me and I don't have to keep mental notes of who got what every time because the answer's on the fridge!

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