Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Decoupage Stepping Stool

If you know me, you know I love garage sales! I'm always looking for something... and finding plenty of items I didn't know I was looking for in the first place!! Once such find a couple weeks ago was a great stepping stool for my son, Ben (2)! It's got two steps on it so it's higher than the one we already have in our bathroom AND it has a drawer for storage!! I checked it for sturdiness and luckily it passed the test! Unluckily, it wasn't in the prettiest of shape: splattered pink spots and some old stickers!

Right away I knew I wanted to redecorate it so it would look nicer and be more appropriate for my little boy. It took me a few days to decide how exactly I wanted to do it though! Stencils? Paint? Tape? The answer I decided on was decoupage!! After spending some time cutting out pictures of things Ben likes from magazines, I decided that was too much work... that, and I didn't have enough magazines!! So I settled on using scrapbook paper instead!

First I collected 10 sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper. You can often have good luck finding great deals on scrapbook paper at the Target dollar section! I used colors that were boy-appropriate and also matched my kitchen and/or bathroom decor. Basically that means for me it has to have green and gold in it because that's my color scheme throughout the whole house, aside from the kids' rooms!

Rip all of your paper into manageable sizes, with rough edges all around.  Molly (5) helped me with this part! We made our pieces an average of 3"x3".  Use decoupage glue to adhere them to your project.  First, paint on a layer of glue, then place on the paper. Cover it with another layer of the decoupage glue.  I worked in small sections so my glue wouldn't dry, and placed paper from all sides so it would overlap in different directions. The decoupage glue will create a water-barrier on top of the paper so when it's dry, your new step stool is ready to use! Ben has actually played in the sink every day since I finished his new stool - he loves it!!

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