Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hand Print Sun Shine

School is out and summer vacation has officially started! That means it's time for MOMS Camp again! I came up with the idea for MOMS Camp last summer when Molly (5) was too young for most organized summer camps but I wanted her to have plenty of fun and not spend her summer sleeping in a being bored. (Yes, I believe kids of any age could sit around and be bored!!) I also wasn't sure how long my work schedule would last, keeping me home most of the day with my kids and I wanted to make the most of it! That's why MOMS Camp stands for Make Our Moments Special!!

MOMS Camp is broken down into weeks, each with its own theme. We do different crafts, games, outings, and have snacks based on that week's theme every day. I began planning this summer's MOMS Camp a couple months ago but I'm definitely not strict on how I run it! Basically I research several ideas, including books and movies, for each week and we just pick and choose which ones to do as the week goes on. There is no way we'll ever get through all the stuff I've come up with!

This past week  has been a "preview" to MOMS Camp. Our theme has been "Summer Sunshine!" I have had a blast finding new ideas for the summer on Pinterest and was dying to try out these hand print suns! We used washable finger paints on blue construction paper for ours. Cover your child's palm in orange paint, and their fingers in yellow, blending the two colors or a cool fading effect. Make five hand prints (reloading up with paint every one or two) in a full circle creating your sun! Molly and Ben (2) each made one. After they were dry, I wrote "You Are My Sunshine" just like the original one I found online from The Polka Dot Pavilion.

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