Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recycled School Bus Craft

In the days leading up to the first day of school, we made a really cute school bus craft! School buses was a perfect theme for that week - great for back to school and my two-year old transportation-junky loves them!

The specific craft we made was purchased from Oriental Trading but they appear to be all sold out. As we put ours together though, I realized how easily we could have done it ourselves with just construction paper! On a side note, I thought I was buying just two kits, but instead received TWO SETS OF 12 KITS! Turns out it was on clearance sale.... so if you'd like a set (or four) just email me and I can send you some extras!

This craft was so appealing to me in the first place because it recycles old egg cartons! I save all my egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, plastic sour cream containers, etc just waiting for a craft idea to come along. Happily I could empty out a few cartons from my catch-all cabinet for this one.

The first day (or just early in the day if you want to complete it all in one day) we painted each of our egg cartons yellow. This was a brave and fun activity for my toddler (brave of me, fun for him!) but he did pretty well! My daughter, Molly (5), did a really nice job covering her carton. I even got to do one of my own since we had so many kits!

Once your paint is dry, we had foam stickers to apply to create our buses. If you are making one without the kit, simply cut out shapes from construction paper or foam to glue on. You'll need a rectangle for the doors; a rectangle for the "School Bus" sign; a red octagon for the stop sign; a couple circles or half circles for the lights and of course circles for the wheels. 

Another step you can add, once you know some of the kids in your child's class, is a photo or drawing of them which you can place on the sides like they're looking out the windows! Molly had a good time making this craft, and Ben actually played with his! He liked being able to actually open it up and put "people" inside... also he put in rice, blocks, and toy cars. What a fun way to recycle!

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