Saturday, August 25, 2012

KC Outings for a Farm Theme

One theme we did for my MOMS Camp this summer was all about Farms! Now that it's past, I won't go into crazy detail about everything we did, but here is a list of things we did around town to give you some ideas!

Anyone in Johnson County will tell you to go to Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead and I won't tell you any different! What a fun outing for many ages - we go several times each year when they're open from April 1st through October 31st. It is free on Monday - Thursday and then just $2 per person over 2 from Friday till Sunday. Deanna Rose has goats, sheep, chickens, ponies, ground hogs, a bison, a bald eagle, pigs, cows and more. They feature a twice daily milking demonstration, mining, pony rides, and fishing. My kids have always loved going and I highly recommend it!

We also visited the Overland Park Farmers Market which is surprisingly a favorite hot spot for my five year old! She loves to see all the fruits and vegetables that were grown on a real farm and of course she loves the fresh peaches. It's fun to let your kids choose a new vegetable, or an old favorite, that you can cook for them and they'll eat it because they picked it out! We planned to go on a day when they had a free kids' concert by Funky Mama. There's a small fountain you can play in, too so come prepared with towels and a change of clothes if you come when it's hot out!

A final place to visit for farm week is Wonderscope Children's Museum. This is an old elementary school in Shawnee that has been converted into a fun and educational, hands-on museum for kids. Each room is dedicated to a different theme and one of them has a mini farm and grocery store in it! You can harvest your veggies then sell them in the market. Just a side note here: this museum is pretty pricey and charges admission for adults too! It's pretty run down but my kids still really enjoy it when we go. They've had a Groupon to save on admission a couple times now, though, so be on the lookout to take advantage of that! ;O)

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