Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Neighborhood Breakfast

During our Neighborhood Week of MOMS Camp I put together this easy and fun-to-eat breakfast! It only took a moment to construct but I was amazed at how excited Molly (5) and Ben (2) were to eat this cute breakfast.

Start with buttered toast and cut the crust off (if desired - I'm an adult and still cut off my crusts half the time!). To make two houses with trees, I needed just three slices. Keep two as squares for the houses. Cut one diagonally to make two triangles for the roofs. Finally, cut the third piece into rectangles to use for tree trunks. Munch on any left over toast. ;O)

After arranging your toast on the plates as shown above, accessorize with fruit of your choice. I used yellow pineapple squares for windows, green kiwi slices for trees, and blueberries for the doors. I must say: I never liked pineapple before this summer, but Molly has me addicted! One day at the grocery store she asked for a whole pineapple. I never turn down my kids when they ask for healthy items at the store so I bought her one. Luckily it came with a little tag of directions on how to cut it! Turns out, fresh pineapple is DELICIOUS!

NOTE: Now that school has started, don't be intimated by making special breakfasts for your kids just because you have to get ready to go! This breakfast came together so fast!

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