Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back on Schedule!

What a fun and busy summer! I can't believe it has been so long since my last post!! I kept up with my weekly MOMS Camp themes really well but I just couldn't keep up with blogging about it!

Over the past several weeks I have been busy choreographing color guard work for local (and not so local!) marching bands; then traveling for days at at time to teach that work. I even got to travel by train for the first time to Dodge City! I love doing the work and depend on that money but I sure hate to be gone from my kiddos!!! Every time I was back in town I would spend every moment I could just being with my kids. After they went to bed and before they woke up each day I was doing guard. It was crazy!

But now the shows are mostly complete and my baby girl has officially started KINDERGARTEN! I am so excited for her because I always loved school so much. I am also excited to be on a regular schedule and to get back to blogging! I already have so much to share from this week alone but I also have weeks to catch up on that I've missed, including more reviews of local playgrounds we've visited!

Thank you for sticking with me even through my long hiatus. I hope you are inspired by my values and when you find yourself in a busy moment, you remember what is most important in life! Forget the housework, forget the yard work, and forget the blog - just be with your kids and enjoy every moment! Because moms "Make Our Moments Special!" (too corny? meh. I love my kids!)

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