Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hickory Dickory Dock Clock Project

Now that summer is over and Molly (5) is in Kindergarten, I no longer have weekly themes like for my annual MOMS Camp. Instead, I will once again have monthly themes, usually revolving around the season or nearest holiday. HOWEVER! I will also include projects and recipes to go along with what Molly is learning in school! In August their lessons revolve around Nursery Rhymes, including Hickory Dickory Dock. I came up with a clock project to make with her, and also created a toddler appropriate variation for Ben (2).

Here's what you'll need:
Paper Plate
Construction Paper
Scissors and Tape

Start by having your child decorate a plain paper plate with markers. I love seeing how well Ben can color now compared to the beginning of the summer even! Meanwhile, draw templates of a minute hand, hour hand, and a mouse on construction paper. Either you or your child can cut these out - we chose the faster route and I did it this time.

For my five-year old's clock, I made lines where the numbers should be and drew a small number under each line for her to copy. Then she went around and wrote each number herself in the right place. I love that she got extra practice writing numbers and didn't even realize she was doing "work!"

For my two-year old's clock, I drew small pictures representing different times of the day for him, such as waking up, taking a nap, and eating lunch. I cut them out and attached them to corresponding places on his paper plate, treating it like a complete day instead of just 12 hours.

Use your brad to attach the hands of your clock right in the middle. Be sure it's loose enough to swivel around! Finally, tape a piece of yarn to the back of your paper mouse for it's tail. Using a separate, longer piece of yarn (we used a different color), attach your mouse to the clock with tape on the back. Now your mouse can run up and down to all the different numbers as you recite the rhyme!

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