Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That Book Sounds Delicious

We've done a lot since my last blog, but I just haven't found the motivation to type it all up! Luckily I got a great night's sleep last night and so much done today around the house and yard... I feel so empowered! Here goes a new start to my blog!

I've definitely had trouble starting and keeping a theme now that we're in a full-swing fall schedule. Instead, I've been taking things that Molly is interested in to do. One of her favorite books that we read night after night is "Pinkalicious" by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann. In it, a mother and daughter make pink cupcakes... so naturally we decided to make pink cupcakes ourselves!

I used a white cake mix and added pink food coloring ("more more more!") to create the perfect shade. Then I added pink food coloring to the frosting. We took some cupcakes to my parents' house that evening and had planned to read the book together, but I had forgotten it! Luckily we'd read it enough times that I could literally recite it as we enjoyed our treat!

Another book that Molly enjoys is "Bread and Jam For Frances" by Russel Hoban. This was actually one of my very favorite books when I was little so it's always special when we read it together. To celebrate this wonderful book, we made... bread and jam. Of course I had to cut it out with fun shaped cookie cutters though. hehe

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