Saturday, September 10, 2011

ABC's with Sidewalk Chalk

Molly (4) and I got a chance to enjoy beautiful weather and play with sidewalk chalk outside during Ben's nap. I wanted to continue our theme of letters so I drew the alphabet for her - rainbow colors of course, both upper and lower case. She drew several letters herself, but then we focused on mine and sang the alphabet song. We stepped on each letter as we sang it and then we did it faster and faster. After we ran through the alphabet a few times, we decided to trace each other in funny poses and decorate our pictures with jewelry and different outfits.

We had to head in early when it started to rain, but here is a list of other ideas to practice the alphabet with sidewalk chalk: Try making a really long hop scotch game using letters of the alphabet... or a shorter version with your child's name. You can also draw pictures of something that starts with each letter next to the letter you've drawn. Finally, use either some boxes you draw on your driveway, or maybe a brick wall and write out a QUERTY keyboard for your child to search out letters and "type" with!

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