Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Sign" Language

We began this week decorating a large letter 'M' with shells and have completed Molly's name as the week's gone on. She decorated a couple letters with different dry pastas, one simply with a glue design, and another with small beads. Other things you can use include craft pom poms, craft feathers, small pebbles, or marbles. Molly (4) has so much fun playing with glue and by now she's pretty darn clean at it so I can set her up at the table and let her go to town while I get something done around the kitchen. It's a win-win craft project!

After all her letters were completely dry, we cut them out. I actually drew a secondary line around each letter for Molly to cut around so she could do it herself and not be worried about cutting off macaroni. Then I cut slits at the top of each letter - either two or four so it would be even - by gently folding the paper over and snipping it on the crease. We weaved a piece of yarn through each slit to make a banner, knotting the ends so they'd stay put. Finally, we hung it up for decoration in our living room!

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