Tuesday, September 6, 2011

M for Molly

Now that school is in session, I plan to be a little more relaxed with my weekly themes. I'll either spread a theme out longer or just use projects and snacks that fit our mood even if they don't exactly fit our theme! My theme for now is The Alphabet. A great introductory book we read for this theme is Dr. Seuss's ABC. Molly (4) will be learning about two or three different letters each week at preschool this year, so for our project, I began with a familiar one she already knows: M for Molly.

I used an idea I read in a magazine earlier this summer ... probably Family Fun (my favorite for kids' crafts). I drew a big block M on a sheet of heavy paper and had Molly fill it in by gluing on shells. I knew ahead of time that we'd be making these letters, so while we were on vacation at the beach a couple weeks ago, I made sure to gather plenty of "pretty" shells to use.

Any project that involves lots of glue and a little freedom appeals to my free-spirited daughter. I'm confident we can complete her whole name this way over the following days, using something different to glue on to each letter. A great way to find items to glue on is to take a nature walk and gather things like pebbles or leaves. Meanwhile, I'll keep you posted on our progress and what we end up doing with the completed name!

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