Monday, September 5, 2011

Stained Glass Window

Here's a fun project Molly(4) and I did one day during Ben's nap. It consisted of two of Molly's favorite things: cutting and gluing! We decorated our front window to be a stained glass window! I got the idea from a Family Fun magazine this summer.

First, we cut lots of pieces of different colored tissue paper. Then, I taped up some clear plastic wrap over the area of the window we planned to decorated. The magazine article suggested using glue sticks, but I opted for regular glue. We squiggled glue on a small section and used a paint brush to spread it around then just pressed the pieces of tissue paper on in any design we wanted.

The result looks really cool and it was fun to do. This might be a fun project to try at different holidays so you could use different holiday colors. Unfortunately, as soon as Ben (1) came downstairs from his nap, he wanted to pull it all apart, but eventually he lost interest and left it alone! lol I imagine when it's time to take it down, I'll let him pull it off. ;O)

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