Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wagon Ride

During a cooler day this week, we headed to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead with a friend. To go along with our "Horsing Around" theme for MOMS Camp, we got to see horses and even went on a horse-drawn wagon ride which was really great! Ben (1) really enjoyed sitting in the hay. The ride went all around the park and was pulled by two HUGE horses. We got to pet the horses when the ride was over, and Molly(4) knew they were draft horses thanks to one of our library books!

At home I had Molly make her own cowgirl handkerchief. I had bought a blank white one at the beginning of the summer from Michaels. I'm pretty sure it was just $1 or $2. She used special fabric markers to decorate it with all rainbow colors. To help hold the handkerchief still while she colored, I taped the edges down to my kitchen table with clear packing tape.

Molly used her new handkerchief to dress up as a cowgirl over the next several days! At my parents' house she has an entire cowgirl outfit complete with hat and a stick horse that she wore for two days straight! It took a few days to get her interested in a cowgirl week, but now she's really into it! Horses was a fun week because Ben really got to participate too!

In fact, as autumn gets closer and Molly will be in preschool three days a week, I plan to come up with more projects and activities especially for Ben to do while she's gone. My focus on Ben will actually begin this weekend with his annual summer party, so look for upcoming party ideas for little ones!

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