Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Bubbles

Before Molly (4) was even born, I knew I wanted her to have an annual Halloween party because it is my favorite holiday! Each one has had a different theme and I have the best time planning it. When I became pregnant with my second child, it was important to me to pick an annual party for them to have too. Each holiday seemed a little too close to birthdays or Christmas, so I decided on a party during the summer for him. Today was Ben's Second Annual Summer Party! I'll break up these summer party ideas into a few blogs this week, starting with theme and favors:

Molly helped me choose the theme this year, which was "Baby Bubbles". It was a fun and appropriate theme for my one year old! Whenever I plan a party, I like to come up with a theme first because it makes everything else fall into place a little bit easier. I included bubbles in our outdoor activities, along with a kiddie pool, slide and two water tables with plenty of little cups to pour and splash.

I also use my theme when choosing decorations, party favors and snacks. I used small party bubbles for the favors, but added just a little bit to make them special. I wrote my party title on some construction paper and hot-glued it to the bubbles containers. I used dots of glue covered in silver glitter to make "bubbles" on the wrappers.

Each toddler also got to take home a personalized sippy cup. I bought new disposable plastic sippy cups and decorated them with permanent markers to include each child's name and bubbles. Personalized cups also come in handy during the party to use and not get them all mixed up!

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