Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Safe Bug Bite Remedy for Kids!

I played in the backyard with my daughter a couple times and we have now accumulated nearly 40 mosquito bites between the two of us! Obviously my back yard bug spray has ran it's course, but really? The sickening part is that she got so many while I was spraying the yard for those blasted bugs! I felt so guilty about it because I know how annoying bug bites can be and I hate to think of my sweet little girl (4) being so miserable. Well, as soon as we came in I had her take a warm bath while I hopped on my laptop and searched for home remedies. I combined a few different things I read about. Here's what I ended up using and IT WORKED!

A) It is good to take a hot bath immediately after you get bit and sprinkle some baking soda in the water. Molly's bath must have been warm enough - the new bites were noticeably smaller after she got out!

B) Make a very thick paste with water and baking soda... then add several drops of peppermint extract to it. Smear it over all the bites, being very generous and let it dry for at least five minutes. Then wash it off with a hot wash cloth (or at least as hot as your daughter who loves cold water will allow!).

Voila! The itch is gone! She didn't even complain about itching at bedtime! I'm sitting here typing this itch-free myself. Phew!

IF the itch comes back, my other favorite remedy is putting on a bunch of Cortizone 10 and covering each bite with a bandage.

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sara said...

Thanks! What great remedies!!