Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Bubbles Party Decoration Ideas

My final post about little Ben's "pool party" is about the decorations! My theme was "Baby Bubbles" so I tried to find different ways to incorporate bubbles into the decor. We held the party at the top of my driveway (with pads on the ground so it wasn't hard) so a few days before, Molly (4) and I decorated with sidewalk chalk. It was fun and easy for her to draw circles for bubbles and I drew a mural on the garage door to act as a background for photos. (I always try to include a picture-taking station at all of my kids' parties!). For the actual party, I borrowed a bubble machine that blew constant bubbles. The kids, all under age 2, were so cute playing in the bubbles!

Inside, I had my snacks set out on my kitchen table so that's the other area I decorated. For a table cover, I used large size bubble wrap! After the party, we kept it on until breakfast the next day so Ben (1) and Molly had fun popping at the table. I also made some faux bubbles to hang above the table. I came up with the ideas to use old CD's and tied two together, facing each other, so only the underside of each was showing. I used clear fishing line to hang them from my ceiling fan at different levels. It was a fun effect and when I accidentally turned on the fan that evening, we were easily entertained and surprised they didn't fly off!

Finally, as a last minute idea, I tossed a few styrofoam craft balls into a glass bowl on the table. The next day, we used toothpicks to make shapes with the balls. Molly loved making different animals this way!

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