Monday, May 16, 2011

Big (little) Summer Plans!

Well, summer (2011) is almost here and I can't wait to spend so much fun time with my kids. We have a few big plans for the summer, but I'm really excited for all the little plans. Here's why:

I feel very emotional that my little girl will be in preschool for THREE days a week this fall, and then next year she'll be in KINDERGARTEN! My baby boy is getting bigger now, and I never know what my work schedule could bring down the road. I feel compelled to make every moment count.

I recently came across a quote I liked: "A good mom has sticky floors, a dirty oven, and happy kids." I think that will be my mantra for this summer because I don't want a single moment to go to waste. I've come up with a plan to help that: MOMS Camp!

MOMS Camp is my own creation, where I've given each week of our summer vacation a theme. Within each theme, I am finding books, movies, outings, crafts, and snacks for my kids (mainly my 4 year old, since my 1 year old will go along with almost anything right now!). There will be plenty of down time for regular good-old-fashioned fun, of course, but I feel confident having an outline of ideas so we never get bored! I'm sure we'll learn some things along the way, too.

In preparation, I've placed a small order from Oriental Trading, spending under $20 (including shipping) for just a few projects we'll use during the summer. Otherwise, most of my plans cost little or nothing. I plan to use the library often this summer, requesting books, movies, and music online so we can make a weekly pick-up. I'm going to try to have each theme ready a week or two in advance (supplies & ingredients in hand) but I already have lists of ideas ready, though!

So hopefully we can follow along and you and your kids can participate in your own MOMS Camp this summer, or join us in ours. Have fun!

And by the way... MOMS Camp stands for Make Our Moments Special!!

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"Sara" said...

Check out this article I wrote about how to plan your own MOMS Camp!