Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Edible Eagles!

Today was Molly's last day of preschool so she had field day (which I volunteered at - fun!) and Ben got to hang out with Captain (my mom) while I was gone so it was a win-win situation. No extra outing necessary. Molly was still excited for MOMS Camp, though...even before I got Ben down for a nap, she was asking what our project was going to be today! Then at bedtime, she insisted on only reading books about birds!

For quiet time (because I was exhausted from two late nights and an early morning) we watched the movie "Up" which I checked out from the library. It was pretty weird, but at least it had balloons and a big bird, so it fit our theme for the week.

We also did a really neat sequencing puzzle from Simply Fun (a direct selling company I used to work for... I'm still signed up but haven't scheduled any parties since I had Ben last year. But message me if you're interested in purchasing one for yourself! check out this and other games/puzzles/family activities at www.simplyfun.com). The puzzle is a series of wooden sticks that line up to count to 20 and make a great flying scene. I came across it in Molly's toy closet when I was looking for rainy day activities and realized it was perfect for this week's theme. Here is a shot of her working on it:

Instead of a craft project today, we made a special snack: Edible Eagles! (http://familyfun.go.com/recipes/appetizers-snacks/sweet-snacks/edible-eagles-699768/) This was really really easy and not even that messy. I was surprised that Molly actually liked the coconut too. She sampled all the ingredients but didn't like eating them as a final product. Funny girl. She also insisted on only making two: one for each of us. I didn't mind that because it was quick and clean... but you mean to tell me I bought a whole bag of white chocolate chips and a whole bag of coconut for two stinkin' eagle heads!?? I guess I'll need to find a recipe to use those up so they don't go to waste. Stay posted for what I do with it....Oh! We used chopsticks in special kiddie holders to handle the marshmallows, and devils food cookies for the bases. ;O)

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