Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The big 3-0 and Rio!

So my MOMS Camp is underway! A few special plans for the day go a long way in making it meaningful.

Since it was my birthday, and a Monday, and a work day.... the day was pretty packed. We were all over running errands and trying to stick to a tight schedule. It was tricky to make it all work but I'm happy to say we squeezed in everything I wanted. I'm proud to say the TV was hardly on at all! Woo hoo!

Ben's nap time is key to my MOMS Camp plans: it's the only time in the day when my 4 year old gets me all to herself. Usually, though, I think of that as time to get something done like housework! During his nap on Monday, we made "Paper Birds" which I found online. (http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/paper-birds-674358/) I thought Molly would want to cut out the bird shapes herself, but she opted to have me do it. Her favorite parts were picking out the paper (I let her choose from of my scrap booking sheets) and then gluing the pieces together. Here it is step by step:

Our first MOMS Camp outing was a SUPER fun success: I took Molly to see "Rio," just the two of us. The movie was really cute and it was the first time I was actually able to pay attention to a movie because Molly did so well! The next day at her preschool field day, I did face painting, and Molly picked out Blu (the main bird from the movie) for me to paint on her hand, which I thought was cool.

Finally, at bedtime, the third and final part of today's MOMS Camp was some special "night-night books" I had checked out from the library. Even on regular days I pick out books to read that reflect the day so this part wasn't anything new for Molly, except the books, which were cute: The Parrot Tico Tango by Anna Witte, and Princess Penelope's Parrot by Helen Lester.

So, one day down... the rest of the summer to go. I think my MOMS Camp idea is completely doable and WORTH IT! With a couple simple plans in place, I was able to have some special time with my Molly and I feel like the day wasn't wasted!

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Check out this article I wrote! It's all about the bird section of my UP, Up, And Away theme!