Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our First Week Comes to A Close

My first week of MOMS Camp didn't get a grand finale as I had planned, but I'm happy with everything we did accomplish. I had hoped to take the kids to a hot air balloon festival tonight but Ben had a slight fever and wasn't feeling 100% so I decided to skip it. The whole thing was called off on account of wind anyway and we had a good time at my folks for a cookout so it was still a fine evening.

Most of this week was unseasonably cold and misty, or storms with tornadoes so that took away my options of flying kites or going to the zoo to see tropical birds. Instead, we did extra craft projects and played at home. We made paper plate hot air balloons, which were really simple. Molly really enjoyed that one so she made three of them, which now decorate my kitchen window. She loved cutting out a square for the gondola and then cutting yarn and taping it together. She also liked painting craft sticks and gluing them into a diamond shape to make a kite-shaped picture frame. I plan to fill it with a picture from our first week of MOMS Camp!

(I don't know why blogspot sometimes flips my photos, so sorry the kite is upside down!)

One day we watched "Pippi and the Balloon", a DVD I checked out from the library. I used to love Pippi Longstocking when I was little but this cartoon version wasn't so cute. Molly seemed to enjoy the first episode but that was about it. I had checked out Mary Poppins to watch for the kite scene, but we never watched it because we didn't get our own opportunity to fly kites this week due to weather.

Finally, here's a list of books we read this week that were all checked out from the library:
The Berenstain Bears We Like Kites by Stan Berenstain,
Curious George Up Up And Away by Margret Rey,
Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon by Margret Rey,
Felicity & Cordelia by Lisa Jahn-Clough (very sweet story!),
Let's Fly a Kite by Stuart J. Murphy (good lesson in symmetry and sharing),
The Parrot Tico Tango by Anna Whitt (great rhymes and rhythm),
Princess Penelope's Parrot by Helen Lester, and
Sally's Great Balloon Adventure by Stephen Huneck, which was really really cute with amazing artwork.

Tomorrow begins my second week of MOMS Camp. I decided to start each camp on Monday so the grand finale day would be Sunday, which is usually the one day we get to spend with my husband. Anyway, get ready next week for "How Does Your Garden Grow?"

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