Sunday, September 21, 2008

A trip to the zoo

Today we went to the zoo as a family: Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Jim, Aunt Whitney, Molly's cousin Jimmy, and of course me, Molly, and Mike. It was a beautiful day for it: sun shining, but not too hot.

Molly is way into the animals. She loves to watch them, point at them, and growl at them. If, that is, it's an animal that growls. Mainly they are, and they do, so she does. Her favorites this time seemed to be the giraffes and zebras, a sea lion that she barked at, and some of the different birds. She walked for most of the trip so I'm expecting/hoping she'll sleep good tonight!
Before we left, Grandma and Grandpa let the kids pick out a souvenir and Molly chose a plush snake! She wraps it around her neck or slings it over a shoulder and hisses away at people. This evening she took it to a little girl's birthday party, and it was really a hit! Other little girls were asking to play with it and, luckily, Molly shared nicely. That was not the case with her cheddar-broccoli soup, though.

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