Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Mini Pizzas

As part of our Halloween Countdown Calendar, I always like to include a spooky meal as one day's special event. This year I created yummy mini pizzas that went over well with the whole family!

First I started with pizza crust. I used a Jiffy Pizza Crust mix which is super fast and easy to work with. Follow the directions on the box, but if yours turns out sticky like mine always does, just add extra flour! Spray a pan with cooking spray so your pizza creations don't stick when you try to serve them and shape your dough into whatever you want. I made four separate mini pizzas: two shaped like pumpkins and two shaped like ghosts. Remember to exaggerate the shape a little because they'll puff out and lose their shape a bit as they cook!

Next, spread on the sauce of your choice. I used basi pesto sauce for my GREEN ghosts and a very yummy dried tomato pesto sauce for the ORANGE pumpkins. Thanks to Aldi's for offering these delicious jarred pesto sauces this time of year!!
Sprinkle on some cheese, but you don't need that much! I used white mozzarella on the ghost pizzas and orange cheddar cheese on the pumpkin ones.  Finally, decorate your pizzas with whatever topping you'd like (or whatever is on hand if you're making yours as a last minute idea like I did!!). I used pepperonis cut into smaller shapes to create jack-o-lantern faces and spooky faces on my ghosts.  Black olives would be great for the ghost faces if I'd had them!

Bake your pizzas per the directions on the crust. Mine took about 12 minutes at 400 degrees.

I was so pleased at how bright the orange pumpkin pizzas became! My kids loved these pizzas so much! It was such a big deal to pick and choose which one you got to eat. These would be cute to serve on Halloween night, too!  

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