Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Easy Indoor Halloween Decorations

It's not a secret that I LOVE Halloween and decorate my house as much as I can! We live in a quiet cul-de-sac so I do most of my decorating inside. The creepier the better! I'm so happy my kids really like it too and aren't afraid - especially my five year old daughter who really gets into it with me. Here are a few EASY ideas to decorate your own house that I've done this year.... back in the middle of September... haha!

Every year I decorate my stairs with mice!! I use black cutouts made by Martha Stewart that look so real! You can find them at Amazon or probably make your own with black construction paper or card stock. In the past I've stuck them on with sticky putty but this year I just used some rolled up tape. EASY!

My bathroom is usually decorated quite a bit, too. I have a full wall (top half only) of mirrors which I usually COVER in fake spider webs. I LOVE fake spider webs! They can be a hassle to hang up and then take down though, so here's an EASY option that I did on my smaller bathroom mirror. MARKERS!! I love drawing on my windows and mirrors with markers as a fun activity for my kids and an easy decoration. For this shimmery spider web, I used a white Crayola's Chrystal Effects Window Marker which you can buy at Target or here. After the web was finished, I literally balanced a fake spider on the top of the mirror. DONE!

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