Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Hand Print Crafts

I love making little crafts with my kids' hand prints, and Halloween is no exception! I love finding new ideas on Pinterest to add to the ideas I found over the years or came up with on my own. Here are a few fun things to do with those little cutie hands (and feet)!

Hand print ghosts! Use white paint on black construction paper for these little ghosts. Once it's dry, turn your paper so the fingers are pointing down and add a ghostly face using permanent markers or paint. You can also use stickers or googly eyes!

 You can also make a ghost using your child's footprint! Ben, 2, made this at the day care at Element Fitness while I was working out - what a wonderful child care program! He added extra glitter and glue to his.

Here's a new idea I found on Pinterest this year and it was so fun to make with my kids! (Yes, I made one, too!) Spread orange paint on just your knuckles. Hold your fist tight and place it on the paper to make a pumpkin!

Give it a finger print leaf with green paint. These are so cute! Make several pumpkins to create a whole patch and connect them with a twirly green vine and more finger print leaves.

Finally, we made another pumpkin craft combining two of my VERY FAVORITE things: paper plates and hand prints!! Start by painting a paper plate all orange. This was a great project for my messy two-year-old.

Next, make a hand print using green paint. When all your paint is dry, cut out a rectangle of brown construction paper or card stock for the stem and staple it on, along with your green hand print leaf! Look how big Ben's had has gotten!! Even though their hands are getting closer to the same size, I'm sure you can tell which pumpkin belongs to Ben, 2 and Molly, 5! hehe

TIP: When cutting something out like this hand print or a picture, always leave a small border around it so you can see the original shape! If you cut right up to the line, your cutting will dictate how it looks and distort the original. ;O)

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