Monday, October 8, 2012

Frankenstein and his Wife Apple Snacks!

I found this fun treat on one of my favorite blogs: Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons. She shares so many wonderfully fun and easy ideas for snacks and meals for your kids! Here's one I was able to recreate so easily for Molly (5). The original snack included both Frankenstein AND his wife, but I opted for just one half of the couple since it was just a little snack.

Start by cutting an apple almost in half, skipping the core, and lay it flat on your plate. Cut several dark grapes in half and lay them out to be the hair. The white streak in her hair is mini marshmallows! Cut another marshmallow in half with kitchen shears and stick them on as eyes. For the eye brows and luscious lips I used dried cherries cut with kitchen shears. The pupils are dried blueberries cut in half.

Molly thought her snack was so cute and fun... but she did have me cut the apple into slices anyway! Haha!

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