Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

'Tis the season to feed the birds! Molly (4) brought home a little bird feeder she made at preschool the other day - a biscuit with bird seed on it - that we hung up right outside our front window. She was so excited to watch for birds that I decided to make more bird feeders with her. We didn't have any bird seed, but I came up with this simple idea to feed the birds!

First, I grabbed some bread from our bread box. We just used the last few slices that weren't so fresh anymore. Then, I pulled out my tub 'o' cookie cutters - I literally have over 100 and I love them! Molly picked out some cutters and got to work cutting out bread in various shapes. She poked holes near the top middle of each one with a chop stick so we can loop some yarn through it later.
We left our bread shapes out to harden over night so they were nice and crunchy. Some of the holes had shrunk so I poked through them with scissors to open them up a little bit. We strung one or two per piece of yarn and hung them up outside around our back patio. We also threw out a few extra crumbles left over from our cookie cutter shapes. Molly insisted we sneak quietly inside to watch for birds like a couple of spies! She always turns everything she does into a game!

The crumbles were the first to go, but after a couple days of waiting, we finally noticed our hanging feeders were gone too!

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